Boards, Congresses and Committees

Be a Part of the MNA

Finding the time to be active and involved in MNA is now easy thanks to the association’s organizational structure. Designed to encourage members to become involved on the grassroots level, the MNA features a flexible structure that allows members to identify, define and self-organize groups that respond to their own needs, concerns or objectives.

The election process is managed by the MNA Division of Member Services. If you have questions about elections you may contact Membership via email at or by phone at 781.830.5726.

Download a volunteer application here.

For more information on MNA Committees and Task Forces, please contact Judith Pare at or 781-830-5714.

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The MNA is organized into the following groups in which members may participate:

Board of Directors

The specific functions of the Board of Directors are to:

  1. Conduct the business of the association between meetings
  2. Determine and approve long-range goals
  3. Select, employ and evaluate the Executive Director
  4. Adopt and monitor the association’s operating budget, financial development plan, and monthly financial statements
  5. Develop financial strategies for achieving goals
  6. Monitor and evaluate the achievement of goals and objectives of the total association
  7. Meet its legal responsibilities
  8. Protect the assets of the association
  9. Form appropriate linkages with other organizations
  10. Interpret the association to nurses and to the public

Center for Ethics and Human Rights

The Center for Ethics and Human Rights is comprised of eight members, four of whom are elected and four of whom are appointed by the Board of Directors and focuses on developing the moral competence of MNA membership through assessment, education and evaluation. The center will:

  1. Monitor ethical issues in practice
  2. Review policy proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors
  3. serve as a resource in ethics to MNA members, regional councils and the larger nursing community
  4. Work with MNA groups to prepare position papers, policies and documents as needed
  5. Establish a communication structure for nurses within Massachusetts and with other state and national organizations

If you have a question on ethical issues, please Judith Pare at or 781-830-5714.


Congresses develop and implement the association’s strategies to protect and advance the nursing profession. Three congresses – Nursing Practice, Health Policy and Legislation, and Occupational Health and Safety, are comprised of 12 members each who are elected to two-year terms.

  • Congress Health and Safety
    The Congress on Health and Safety identifies issues and develops strategies to effectively deal with the health and safety issues of the nurses and health care workers. The Congress meets 8 to 10 times per year at MNA headquarters. For more information, please visit Health and Safety page.

  • Congress on Health Policy and Legislation
    The Congress on Health Policy and Legislation develops ideas for the implementation of a program of governmental affairs appropriate to the MNA’s involvement in legislative and regulatory matters influencing nursing practice, health and safety, and health care. The Congress sponsors educational programs, including two lobby day events at the state house, which are designed to enhance members’ political savvy. Participation includes task force involvement, development of educational programs and review of state legislation that is health care related. The Congress meets 8 to 10 times per year at MNA headquarters or MNA’s Regional Council 2 office in West Boylston.
  • Congress on Nursing Practice
    The Congress on Nursing Practice identifies practice issues impacting the nursing community, which need to be addressed through education, policy, legislation or position statements. The Congress meets once a month second Monday from 5:30p.m. – 8p.m. at MNA headquarters.

Task Forces

Convened by congresses, task forces are brought together when an issue needs immediate attention by MNA. Comprised of resource specialists, members with expertise and interest in the issue, task forces work with a specific purpose and a defined time frame for action. Examples of established task forces are:

  • Workplace Violence Task Force
    The Workplace Violence Task Force addresses issues of violence against nurses and other health care workers through education, contract language and meeting with law enforcement and court personnel. Members may choose to participate in task forces without standing for election. For more information, visit our Workplace Violence & Abuse Prevention page.
  • Emergency Preparedness Task Force
    The Emergency Preparedness Task Force is working to assure that members are informed as to emergency plans in the facilities where they work and are involved as plans develop. Members may choose to participate in task forces without standing for election. For more information visit our Emergency Preparedness Volunteer page.

Standing Committees

Assisting and guiding the MNA Board of Directors in addressing nursing issues, committee members determine how the organization uses its resources, how it should be governed and how new members should be recruited, among other issues. Established committees are:

  • Addictions
  • Awards
  • Bylaws
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Nominations and Elections

Resource Specialists

Resoource specialists are MNA members with a specific area of expertise, specialty or knowledge base who are willing to participate in a variety of activities, including serving on a task force, providing expert testimony at a legislative hearing, being interviewed by the media about their specific area of interest or writing an article for the Massachusetts Nurse or some other publication. If you are interested in providing your expert services and becoming a resource specialist, please contact Judith Pare at or 781-830-5714

Massachusetts Nurses Foundation

The Massachusetts Nurses Foundation (MNF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support scholarship and research in nursing. The primary goal of the MNF is to advance the profession of nursing by supporting the education of nurses, and it provides scholarships and grants to nurses and nursing students in an effort to meet this goal.