MNA Awards

Celebrate Nursing Excellence

Honor your peers with a nomination for an MNA award

One of the greatest honors to achieve is the recognition of your peers. In this fast-changing health care system in which nurses daily strive to carry-out their duties to their patients, there is very little time for them to acknowledge their own professional accomplishments and those of their peers.

To that end, the MNA has established a number of awards, established by the membership with the approval of the MNA Board of Directors, that offer all members an opportunity to recognize nurses who by their commitment and outstanding achievements have honored us all. These are often ordinary nurses accomplishing extraordinary things. They are the nurses who challenge us all to achieve excellence.

Nominations for these awards must be made by an MNA member. Self-nomination is acceptable. A list and brief description of each award is provided in brochure format each year. The brochure, as well as all other awards materials, is generally posted in January of each year.

Please note: Only an MNA member can nominate a candidate for an award, and each nomination must meet that year’s awards criteria. All awards materials are generally posted in January of each year.

The following PDF files make up our Awards packet.

For more information, call Liz Chmielinski at 781.830.5719.