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In addition to belonging to a local bargaining unit, as an MNA member you also belong to one of five Regional Councils. The Regional Councils provide a structure to allow you and colleagues in your region to become more active and connected at the local level, and to organize around issues of local concern.

Under the MNA bylaws, the Regional Councils are directed by locally elected boards which comprise four at-large seats as well as designated seats for appointed leaders for each MNA-represented local bargaining unit in the region.

Each Regional Council features an office staffed by an office manager and supported by a Grassroots Political Organizer from the Division of Legislation and Governmental Affairs. Regional staff work with volunteers to conduct a number of local activities including:

  • Continuing education programs to support specific needs of the region.
  • Mobilization of members in the region to support state and local legislative issues.
  • Mobilization of members from surrounding hospitals to support local bargaining unit contract struggles, job actions, strikes, etc.
  • Providing phone banking and other political action to support MNA-endorsed candidates as
    well as legislative issues.
  • Organizing members for participation in local community activities, i.e. food drives, charitable
    walks and benefits, community parades, health fairs, etc.

Your membership in a region is based on your residence. The boundaries of the regions are designed to correspond to the state legislature’s Senatorial districts which provides the regions with maximum political clout. If you are not sure of your region, contact the membership department at 800.992.2056.