Looking for a New Job?

A career in nursing is rewarding both personally and professionally. It is also a career that is firmly rooted in an industry that is essential and growing by the day, which means there are always new job opportunities on the horizon.

If you are on the verge of a job search, or even if you just like keeping one eye on the job market for good measure, be sure to visit our specialized job-search area within Liquid Compass, a leading healthcare job-search platform.

This new platform can be described as “job shopping” as it has very robust filters that you can use to narrow down the job openings, including a filter that allows you to search for jobs at MNA bargaining units. In addition, there are filters and/or dropdown menus that allow you to search by job title, location, education, experience, specialty, and shift.

Happy job searching, but remember to always search union first! smiley