Nurses Guidebook to Impaired Practice

[Download a PDF of the Guidebook]

Developed by the MNA Addictions Nursing Committee 2011

Statement of Intent

This reference work is not intended to be construed or to serve as a standard of practice. This guidebook was developed to be a resource to the collective bargaining representatives, within the Massachusetts Nurses Association, as they assist nurses with impaired practice and/or substance use problems. In addition, it serves as a resource for nurses who may have a concern regarding their own use of substances or a colleague’s behavior associated with substance use. If any nurse has any questions or legal concerns, MNA encourages legal council.

Mandatory Reporting Laws vary by state. This reference refers to the laws and programs available in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Nurses in other states are encouraged to refer to their individual state laws, nurse practice acts, professional associations and/or union agreement/contracts.

[Download a PDF of the Guidebook]