Accepting, Rejecting & Delegating a Work Assignment: A Guide for Nurses

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Table of Contents
Purpose and Statement of Problem
Legal Considerations
Application of the Guide for Decision-Making
Algorithm 1
Algorithm 2
Glossary (BORN definitions)

Developed by the MNA Congress on Nursing Practice 2002

Beth Amsler, RN
Karen Carpenter, RNC, FNP, JD
Marianne Chisholm, BS, RN
Philip Donohue, RN
Ann Goucher, BSN, RNC
Patricia Marinelli, MS, RN
Ann Mullen, BSN, RN
J. Sue Myers, PhD, RN
Bonnie Beth Pierce, BS, RNC
Meg Wiley, BSN, RN
Linda Winslow, BS, RN

The Congress on Nursing Practice is grateful to those individuals who served on the Congress and contributed to the publication.

Michelle Colloran Cook, MS, RN
Michael Malone BS, RN
Elizabeth Joubert, RN
May Jo Doolan, MS, RN

The Congress would like to acknowledge the assistance of MNA staff members Dorothy Upson McCabe, MS, MEd, RN, Shirley Duggan, MS, RN as well as Erin Servaes, BS, and Alan McDonald, Esq. in the completion of this publication.

Statement of Intent:
These guidelines are not intended to be construed or to serve as a standard of nursing care.