Additional Reading

Below is some additional reading for nurses and other health care workers created by the MNA Congress on Health and Safety.

The following Health and Safety brochures are now available for download. Simply click on the underlined link, and a new tab will open up containing the pdf version of the brochure.

Workers Compensation

This brochure presents information that will assist you, the employee to:

  • report all injuries.
  • understand your responsibilities as the worker in obtaining benefits.
  • understand your employers’ responsibilities as the insured party.
  • locate sources of information to support your claim to replace your lost income.

Workplace Violence Prevention

This brochure is intended to decrease workplace violence through developing prevention programs, increase reporting of violence and develop intervention plans for workers who are injured in violent events.

Occupational Hazard Recognition and Control

Working in a health care environment can present hazards to your health. Health care workers have suffered from back, neck and shoulder injuries, as well as skin, respiratory, cardiac and infectious diseases. Many of these ailments have been caused or aggravated, directly or indirectly, by the environment and conditions under which they work. This pamphlet presents information that will assist you, the worker, to:

  • Recognize the hazards present in the health care work environment
  • Locate sources of information to control or eliminate hazards
  • Recognize, report, and record occupational illnesses and injuries

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Supplies Check List

A checklist for items to include in an Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Kit, as suggested by the Red Cross and US Department of Homeland Security.

The following report was prepared in collaboration with the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, School of Health and Environment, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

The following Fact Sheet was provided by the Public health Employees Federation Health and Safety Department.