Welcome to the New MNA Web site

The Online Power Behind Your Practice

As president of the Massachusetts Nurses Association and on behalf of the MNA Board of Directors, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Massachusetts Nurses Association Web site – the online power behind your practice.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association is the state’s premier union and professional association dedicated to meeting the educational, practice and workplace advocacy needs of registered nurses and health care professionals throughout the Commonwealth and greater New England.

Throughout this Web site, you will find a summary of the services, programs and benefits that the MNA offers to each of its members. Each of these services and programs has been designed to enhance your professional practice and strengthen your role as a patient advocate.

Through MNA union membership, you have many rights and significant power. Unions bring democracy to the workplace. As a member of an MNA local bargaining unit, you have a legally protected seat at the table with management to define your nursing practice and most important of all, you have a mechanism to address issues impacting the care of the patients you care for.

Perhaps the most important aspect of union membership is the ability to negotiate a contract, which is a written guarantee of every aspect of your work life, including pay, insurance benefits, vacation and leave policies, hours of work and much more.

If you are a member of an MNA local bargaining unit, you may get information about your local by logging in to myMNA, a section of our Web site dedicated to members-only. To access this section, you will need to utilize your MNA e-mail address and password.  If you don’t have your MNA e-mail address or password, please contact the MNA’s membership department at 800.882.2056 and press "1."

In this section of the site, we are in the process of building web pages specific to each bargaining unit. While not all bargaining units have completed construction of their pages, many have, and in the near future, all units should have a page available. These pages will keep you informed of news and information related to your bargaining unit and workplace, while also providing online access to your union contract. 

We appreciate having the opportunity to represent you, to work with you, and to advocate on your behalf as well as on behalf of your colleagues and patients. We will work hard to meet your needs and we look forward to building a stronger MNA with your support and involvement.

For more information about important rights and benefits of belonging to a union, visit our Labor Education Resources page.

It is our hope that you will not only find the information on this Web site helpful, but that you will contact us should you have any questions or concerns relating to your membership in the MNA. The staff of the MNA are a diverse group with expertise in many areas and are always ready as a resource for you. Just call 800.882.2056.

In solidarity,

Beth Piknick, RN
MNA President