Career Services Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions regarding MNA Career Services.

Q. How do I renew my nursing license?

A. All questions/issues relating to licensure must be directed to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing at 617.727.9961 or visit the the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing Web site

Q. How do I find information about schools of nursing in Massachusetts?

A. We do not currently maintain a list of nursing schools on this Web site because this information changes frequently as schools are opened and closed.  All schools must be approved by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing and can be found on the Approved Registered and Practical Nurse Programs page on its website. If you have further questions you may contact MNA Career Services.

Q. I haven't updated my resume in 20 years, can the MNA assist me with that?

A. Start by taking a look at our Resume Primer page on this Web site. If you need further assistance contact MNA Career Services.

Q. Where can I find out information about nursing refresher courses?

A. This information can be found on this Web site on the Career Services RN Refresher Courses page.

Q. Can the MNA assist me with changing jobs or nursing specialty, returning to school or entering a nursing program?

A. Yes, MNA Career Services can assist with all of these things. Please contact Judith Pare, the MNA’s Director of Nursing and Career Services, at

Q. Where can I find information about financial aid or scholarships?

A. Please visit our Career Services Financial Aid Resources page and the Massachusetts Nurses Foundation scholarship page.