Elements of Good Organizing Issues

  1. Unifying: An issue that brings workers together by classification, worksite/floor/unit, shift.
  2. Winnable: An issue that can be won to bring about real tangible changes.
  3. Compelling: The issue must be compelling and interesting enough to motivate workers to act in their self-interest. Self-interest acts as the initial motivator.
  4. Instructive: Teaches the value of working together as a Union, even if total immediate victory is not won. Helps to build the Union for the next issue.
  5. Educational: Helps members learn new skills and acquire new information, confidence and understanding.
  6. Mobilizes: An issue that has the potential to involve the largest number of people by involving them one at a time.
  7. Empowering: Gives workers a greater voice and control over their work, and members more voice and control over their Union.