Workplace Hazards for Nurses and Other Healthcare Workers: Promising Practices for Prevention

June 7, 8, 2007

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 Presentations from the Conference

Day One

[Presenter Profiles] (Word doc)

Plenary One - Reporting Occupational Injuries in Healthcare, (Not available online) Musculo-skeletal Injuries (PDF), Workplace Violence (Not available online)

Plenary TwoThe Culture of  Nursing (PowerPoint)

BreakoutPreventing Latex Allergies (PowerPoint)

Breakout -  Preventing Workplace Asthma – consider the cleaning products (PowerPoint)

BreakoutPreventing Injuries in Home Care Settings (PowerPoint no longer available)

BreakoutPreventing Needlestick Injuries in Acute Care Settings (PowerPoint)

Day Two

[Presenter Profiles] (Word doc)

PlenaryInfectious Diseases and Nurses (PowerPoint)

BreakoutProtecting Staff through Pandemic Flu Planning (PowerPoint)

Breakout – Preventing Workplace Violence (Not available online)

BreakoutPreventing  Infectious Disease Transmission (PowerPoint)

BreakoutPreventing Exposure to Hazardous Drugs (PowerPoint)


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MNA Model Contract Language for Health and Safetyavailable by contacting

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