Latex Gloves

Top Ten Reasons to avoid Latex Gloves*

Congress on Health and Safety

Most nurses and other health care workers are still exposed to natural rubber latex every day, primarily through the use of latex gloves.


NIOSH says “exposure to latex can be hazardous to your health”. 1


Repeated exposure to latex can cause allergic reactions.1


10 to 17 % of health care workers test positive for latex allergy.2


Latex allergy can make your face itch and swell.2


Latex allergy can make your nose run.1


Latex allergy can give you asthma.1


Latex allergy can make your hands itch and crack. 1


Latex allergy can cause anaphylaxis (shock).2


OSHA says synthetic glove material is appropriate protection. 2


Latex Allergy can kill you. 2

* Avoid the use of natural rubber latex gloves in your work environment and in your personal health and dental care.

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