Brigham and Women’s Hospital Nurses Demand Health Insurance Choice!

Many Brigham and Women’s Hospital nurses are dissatisfied with Mass General Brigham (MGB) health insurance. Some of them have testified in videos below.

Nurses are not allowed to switch to another insurance plan, and instead experience long wait times for appointments and imaging, as well as out-of-network costs.

“As a nurse, I know how important it is to have good health insurance,” Brigham RN Olivia says. “We treat anyone who needs care in the emergency department, but outside of the ED your access to care can depend heavily on your insurance.

“Personally, I don’t like my health insurance. I have Mass General Brigham health insurance. I would switch to a better plan, but Brigham and Women’s Hospital won’t let me. Hundreds of Brigham nurses are forced by the hospital to stay with MGB insurance when there are better options available.”

Brigham nurses have delivered a petition to hospital management signed by more than 3,000 nurses demanding the option to change insurance plans during annual enrollment.

Brigham nurses are holding an informational picket on May 1, 2024

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BWH nurse in the oncology department: “It is extremely confusing to navigate and I am very dissatisfied. This is unacceptable on MGB’s part, the employees who keep this hospital running deserve better options for health insurance and MGB should prioritize efforts that make things easier for employees, not harder. Especially related to health care!”