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MNA Position Statement on Vaccine to Combat Covid-19 & Nurses Rights to Informed Consent Voluntary Nature of Acceptance of Vaccine

For nurses and other healthcare workers, who will be among the first groups of professionals to have the right to voluntarily consent to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, hope is tempered by grief, loss and the physical exhaustion that has been the product of months spent battling the COVID-19 virus that is still surging in the United States and around our global society (Neegaard, 2020).

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) appreciates and supports the decision to ensure that nurses and other healthcare workers across Massachusetts, are among the first to get the vaccine to combat COVID-19, along with other vulnerable populations. The MNA is encouraging our members to take it, based on their clinical setting and personal health issues. MNA nurses at unionized facilities, which is 70 percent of the state’s acute care hospitals, have been and will continue to advocate with management on the process for distribution of the vaccine.

Download the full position statement here.