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MNA Statement on Alex Morse for Congress 8.11.2020

“The MNA Board of Directors met on the night of August 10 to discuss the allegations against Alex Morse. Board members voted to reaffirm the MNA’s endorsement of Alex after carefully considering all aspects of the information currently before the public. MNA nurses and healthcare professionals are especially sensitive to these types of allegations and do not take them lightly.

“In his statement, Alex said he supports and will participate in the UMass investigation because students have a right to their voices being heard and their concerns addressed. The MNA echoes those comments. We welcome anyone coming forward with their experience and are open to learning more information.

“Alex Morse is a strong, progressive leader. His history as an elected official and his positions on legislation and policy empower working people. We know Alex will bring new energy to Washington, DC and establish a crucial connection between the center of American government and the people of Western Massachusetts. Alex champions causes such as Medicare-for-All alongside MNA nurses and healthcare professionals. We stand with Alex Morse for Congress.”