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Call for Proposals for Amendment of MNA Bylaws

The MNA Bylaws Committee will accept proposals for amendment of MNA bylaws until May 8, 2020. This deadline will be extended only for serious extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the Bylaws Committee.  Proposed amendments will be presented to the MNA membership at MNA’s annual business meeting.  Please send proposals to the Bylaws Committee as early as possible. This allows for timely communication if, upon review, the committee requires clarification of the proposal or has recommendations in regard to it.

Submission of a proposed amendment requires careful reading of the current bylaw to be amended and consideration of the desired change, i.e.: why it is needed (rationale) and what the effect will be if the proposal is adopted (impact). It must include the exact article(s) and section(s) that are being amended; the exact language that is being deleted and the exact language that is being added and proposed. A copy of the  MNA Bylaws may be downloaded by logging on to MNA’s website at, entering your user name and password and clicking on Bylaws.

Proposed amendments must be submitted on designated forms, which may be obtained by submitting your request to:         

MNA Bylaws Committee

Attn: Joe-Ann Fergus

Tel.: 781-821-4625 x726


Fax:  781-821-4445


            Thank you.