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MNA Urges Nurses to Keep Journal/Diary of Pandemic

For a history of the crisis and for emotional health

These are indeed trying times for nurses and represents a unique moment in nursing history.  For those who like to write and feel the need, the MNA encourages nurses to keep a journal or diary (written or video) of their experiences during this unique time. This is important for several reasons:

  • We need to document this crisis from a nurses’ frontline perspective, so we have an accurate account of this historical event, allowing us to learn from this experience and apply that knowledge to future events.
  • We need to hear your stories, and if you agree, share them with others so those outside of nursing will understand what nurses do, feel and experience in these situations.
  • And finally, we need ways to support the emotional health of all nurses. Journaling has been shown to be a positive tool for processing emotions, channeling pain and frustration, grief, PTSD and other feelings in times of crisis as well as after. Click here to learn more about the health benefits of journaling. 

As you may already know, we often feel better after writing our thoughts down, even if we are unable to change the circumstances. Of course, your journals can be totally private and for your eyes only.  Publishing and sharing your journals are not necessary to be beneficial. However, we are interested in sharing your thoughts and experiences with other nurses if you are comfortable in doing so. There is great power in seeing how others are coping with this situation (or not).  These writings can show other nurses they are not alone for those who feel isolated in their experience.

If you are interested in sharing your journal entries and potentially having them posted on our Facebook page or Covid-19 page for others to see, feel free to email Jennifer Johnson at  Be assured, nothing would be posted without your final review and approval.

We are also exploring applications that would allow interested nurses to record video journals.  Once we figure that out, we will post more information on how nurses can participate.  You are all true heroes and have stories that can benefit each one of us.