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Memo From MNA Reagrding Governor’s Recent “Stay at Home” Order

Date:  March 23, 2020
Re:  Governor Baker’s “Stay at Home Order”
Today Governor Baker announced a “stay at home order”, which goes into effect at noon tomorrow.  I would like to clarify that the MNA is already working remotely. The office is not open for members to access, and all programs and member meetings have already been cancelled.  Meetings for member representation are being handled in a manner that is compliant with social distancing.
As you know, we have called for the Governor to take further action because the public is in the greatest position to affect the outcome of the virus.  If the public can slow down the spread, then the staff of the health facilities can manage those that need the care.  If the public does not follow the requests that will slow the spread of the virus, we will quickly overwhelm our hospitals and endanger ourselves and all health care workers.   
Thank you everyone and be safe, 
Julie Pinkham, RN MNA Executive Director