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MNA Response to ENA’s Position on Question 1

Supporters of Question 1, The Patient Safety Act, and the Massachusetts Nurses Association, which represents more than 1,800 emergency department nurses working in 65 percent of the state’s acute care hospitals, are taking this opportunity to respond to the recently announced stance by the executive leadership of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) to oppose Question 1. We are disappointed by the decision given that, as outlined below, the opposition to the question is not supported by a factual analysis of Question 1, the overwhelming scientific evidence, or the 14 years of experience with the law by ED nurses in California.   
The tables included in the images below track the chart provided by ENA that details their interpretation of how aspects of Question 1 match the current ENA Position Statements on staffing. For each ENA rationale, we have provided facts and evidence to provide ED nurses with an accurate appraisal of Question 1 so that ED nurses can make a truly informed decision about this vitally important patient safety initiative.

Download a PDF of this content here: /files/file/ENA%20Response%20PDF.pdf