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RNs at Baystate Franklin Medical Center Launch Radio Ad Campaign

The RNs at Baystate Franklin Medical Center have started a radio ad campaign calling on BFMC to do the right thing and to listen to what nurses need in order to provide the best care to the community.

These ads started running today (June 5) and will run all week on WHAI 98.3 FM and WPVQ Bear Country 95.3.

The text of the ad is below, and you can listen to the ad here

Ad Copy:
I am one of the registered nurses at Baystate Franklin Medical Center who strive every day to provide you and your loved ones with the best care possible.  Unfortunately, our ability to deliver that care is being hampered because Baystate administration refuses to provide the staffing levels and working conditions we need to be at our best.  On too many occasions in the past year, nurses have been forced to work extra hours or entire shifts to compensate for the lack of appropriate staff.  This practice has been condemned by the medical community and nursing research shows when nurses work long hours, your risk of injury or harm increases significantly.  We are trying to address this issue through our union contract negotiations.  We are asking for your help and your understanding as we go through this process because you, our patients, have a real stake in the outcome.  This is our community, and you are our patients.  While we are always there to keep you safe, help us send the message that exhausted nurses cannot provide quality care.