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Application period now open for Reduced Dues Full member (75 percent) of applicable dues rate

Subject to verification, members who qualify for one of the following categories may elect to pay 75 percent of the annual dues:

•Health professional labor program member-any health care professional, other than a registered nurse, who is represented for purposes of collective bargaining by MNA;

•Limited hours labor program member-any labor program member who is represented for purposes of collective bargaining by MNA and who has 988 or fewer hours paid in the preceding calendar year.

It is the responsibility of any registered nurse and/or other health care professional to verify to the satisfaction of MNA on an annual basis his/her eligibility for 75 percent dues category within any of the foregoing categories by April 1 of each year. Upon receipt of such verification of eligibility in the prior calendar year, the member shall receive the reduced dues rate effective the following July 1 through June 30.

Download the application

The application for this category is also available from the MNA membership division.

You must reapply annually to qualify for this category.

Application must be received by April 1, 2017

and mailed to the Membership Division

340 Turnpike St. * Canton, MA 02021

or faxed to the attention of the Membership Division at 781.821.4445.

For questions contact the Division of Membership at 781.821.4625.