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The 3,300 registered nurses of Brigham and Women’s Hospital voted overwhelmingly on June 13, 2016 to authorize a one-day strike. Brigham nurses have been negotiating a new contract with the hospital and owner Partners HealthCare since September 2015.

LATEST: Negotiation update 6.24.16

BWH/Partners refuses to agree to safely staff a critical thoracic step-down unit, endangering patient safety. The hospital also wants to force newly hired nurses into a lesser health insurance program. A two-tiered benefit system would divide Brigham nurses and give the hospital additional control over more nurses’ health care plans.

Brigham nurses are prepared to strike for 24 hours starting at 7 a.m. on Monday, June 27 unless BWH/Partners offers a fair settlement that values patients and nurses over corporate profits.

Please tell BWH/Partners to value patients and nurses more than profits. Below you can find more information and learn how to support Brigham nurses.

  • Send a letter to the editor. Clicking this link offers an automated form with a pre-written local newspaper letter supporting Brigham nurses that you can also customize.
  • Contact BWH President Dr. Betsy Nabel by calling the hospital at 617-732-5500 or emailing her directly at and urge Dr. Nabel to offer a fair settlement that values patients and nurses over profits.

Find out more about Brigham nurses’ issues. This link brings you to a statement from the nurses about the ongoing contract negotiations and pending strike.

Learn about nurse staffing issues in the thoracic step-down unit. A cut in core staffing in this area has jeopardized safe care for some of the hospital’s sickest patients.

Learn about mercenary replacement nurses. BWH/Partners claims to be hiring 700 replacement nurses to temporarily replace the 3,300 highly specialized Brigham nurses. This is irresponsible.

See lettters of support to Brigham nurses and to hospital leadership.