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Greater Boston Labor Council Supports Brigham Nurses


A Message from Executive Secretary-Treasurer Rich Rogers:

By now I’m sure you have all seen the news accounts of a potential strike by the nurses at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association, scheduled for Monday June 27th.

I’m also sure that you noted the hospital’s response to the planned one day strike has been to publicly announce that in the event of a strike they will implement a five-day lockout and the hiring of a strike breaking firm bringing in replacement nurses.

Earlier this week at an event I ran into the MNA leaders and negotiators shortly after talks between the parties broke up and they are not optimistic at this point that they will be able to reach an agreement. While there is always a possibility that talks could resume I believe we need to prepare for this strike.

We recently demonstrated with our tremendous support of the IBEW and CWA in their strike against Verizon that union solidarity is not a slogan but a way of life for the Greater Boston Labor Movement. Should a strike take place we need to have a strong presence at 7 AM next Monday (6/27) outside the hospital and throughout the lockout.

Whenever I ask affiliated unions for support of other unions struggles, the MNA is always among the first to respond. Now we need to stand with them!

I know you all share with me the pride we take in calling Boston a union city. We can’t fail to respond to the threat of strike-breakers employed in our union city. I urge you to follow the news accounts closely but in the event of a strike to make sure your union joins the line next week.

In Solidarity,


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