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MNA Positions on State Budget Amendments

Let your State Senator know you support:

  • Amendment 507 (Senator L’Italien), which would increase the funding for state operated public health hospitals to maintain the current level of services and provide language ensuring that there is no reduction in services at Tewksbury Hospital. Without this funding and language, Tewksbury Hospital could lose patient beds and necessary staff.
  • Amendment 590 (Senator Rush), which would maintain funding for services serving developmentally disabled individuals who, for whatever reason, are not able to be served in the community.
  • Amendment 606 (Senator Brady), which would maintain funding for inpatient and community based mental health services within the Department of Mental Health.   
  • Amendment 612 (Senator Brady), which would provide a seat on the home care commission established in Outside Section 74 for a registered nurse appointed by the MNA.

AND that you oppose:

  • Amendment 622 (Senator Humason) would weaken the standards of nursing care in the Commonwealth by turning Massachusetts into a Compact state.