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Region One Nurse Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2015

Letter from the Chair
Patty Healy

Dear Registered Nurses of Western Massachusetts,

The Massachusetts Nurses Association has continued to fight for safe staffing legislation throughout the last year while working hard to uphold the ICU staffing law passed last October. Hearings have been conducted with the Public Health Commission and many RNs have testified before the Commission. Special thanks to Berkshire Medical Center nurse, Harley Keisch, RN, for traveling to Boston to testify on our behalf. The fight is hardly over, as the Union has worked to educate its members on how to maintain appropriate ICU staffing. Hospitals have steadfastly fought against the implementation on the units and at the commission hearings. It is imperative that all RNS in Massachusetts hospitals work to maintain safe staffing levels in all units, for all patients. When ICU RNs can uphold their ethical and professional responsibility to provide the care that patients deserve, then our vision to improve hospital care on ALL units, for ALL patients will be realized.

Peer reviewed published research continues to support the efforts of the MNA/NNU to establish measurable staffing levels that produce better outcomes for our patients. Nurses can stay updated by following the Massachusetts Nurses Association website: and the National Nurses United website: Both organizations have Facebook pages to keep you informed as well.

You can also be updated by MNA email: each member has been assigned her/his own MNA email account and it can be activated by calling the Membership office of the MNA 1-800-882-2056.

The next MNA Annual Convention will be held on October 8- details to follow.

Western Massachusetts MNA Regional Council One maintains an office in Northampton where the council meets monthly to plan activities, share information about current bargaining unit issues, and ensuring there are Union resources in Western Mass. Every bargaining unit member is welcome to visit, attend a meeting and participate in building a stronger organization for nurses and patients. The MNA website has a link to the Regional Council One as well.

See details on page 5 on our summer river cruise in August, a fun event for all members and a guest. Cruising the Connecticut River at sunset with friends will be an energizing joyful experience for all. Hope to see you on the boat!

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