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Video: Patients In Mass ICUs Should Demand One on One Care from Their RN – It’s the Law

When your loved ones are in the ICU in any Massachusetts hospital, they should expect one on one attention from an RN – it’s the law! This includes all types of ICUs, including medical ICUs, Surgical ICUs, Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Pediatric Intensive Care Units.

Under the law, any ICU nurse can only take a second patient if and when she feels safe to do so. This video features powerful testimony by a number of key legislators who drafted this law to protect patients that make it clear that the standard of care in Massachusetts for critically ill patients is one nurse to one patient.

The law became effective last October, yet many hospitals across the state are willfully violating the law, which the medical research clearly shows places those patients at increased risk of harm.

Nurses across the state are engaged in an effort to enforce this law and protect their patients. The public can help by insisting on the one on one care the law says they deserve.

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