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UMass Memorial’s Greed Knows No Bounds as They Threaten Thousands of Patients with the Loss of Phsyician Coverage

Once again, UMass Memorial Health Care is demonstrating its unbridled greed and its willingness to abandon patients as it has threatened thousands of patients with the loss of hospital and physician access if they continue to belong to a low cost insurance plan. This message from Dolores Mitchell, executive director of the Group Insurance Commission says it all: 

"It is… awfully close to unprofessional conduct," Ms. Mitchell said. "It is tantamount to patient abandonment. I have made my position clear, and I think its (UMass Memorial) move is highly inappropriate."

For the nurses at UMass Memorial, this development is just another in a long line of moves by the highly profitable health care conglomerate to cut care and services for the patients who depend on this system for their care.

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