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Nomination/Consent to Serve Notice for Delegates for the Northeast Nurses Association (NENA)

What is NENA
The Massachusetts Nurse Association is the founding organizational member of the Northeast Nurses Association. NENA is an outgrowth of the 23,000-member Massachusetts Nurses Association and was created in response to the increasing calls from nurses and healthcare professional is the Northeast region for a means to organize collectively. The Northeast Nurses Association has as its primary purposes the advancement of the nursing profession, the promotion of the best practices in the provision of patient care, the representation of nurses and other healthcare professionals in collective bargaining, the support of legislation and other governmental initiatives designed to advance the interests of its members and the patients for whom they care.

The governing body of NENA is the Board of Delegates (BOD). The NENA BOD is comprised of one delegate for every two thousand members or part thereof of each organizational and direct member. The delegates are elected by their respective organizational members, and are elected for a three year term.
The MNA as an Organizational Member currently holds nine delegate seats in NENA

Delegate Duties and Responsibilities
Delegate responsibilities include, but are not limited to, establishing organizational goals, directing the pursuit of organizational goals, directing necessary expenditures of organizational resources, appointing an executive director, establishing committees, filling vacancies in any office between elections, facilitating the resolution of disputes between Organizational and/or Direct Members and interpreting the NENA by-laws.

The NENA BOD meets at least once every calendar quarter. However, special meetings may be called at the request of any Organizational Member.

Consent to serve form can be found here