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Celebrate with the Stop the Biolab Coalition!


The Stop the Biolab Coalition is throwing a Hail Mary pass to BostonÂ’s new Mayor, Marty Walsh, on July 9th. We hope he doesn’t fumble. Whether he fumbles or not, we’ll be at Slade’s Bar & Grill at 6:00 o’clock that evening.

Join us in celebrating our success so far in keeping the planet’s deadliest germs out of Boston!

Join us in thanking our fearless leader, Klare Allen, who has selflessly led this fight from the beginning!

WHERE: SladeÂ’s Bar & Grill

958 Tremont Street, Roxbury


WHEN: July 9th – 6PM on Â…

Arrive before 8 PM to avoid an entry fee. There will be food, drink and music. The Black Comedy Explosion begins at 8:15. Bring your dancing shoes and your wallets. We are each responsible for our own tabs and we hope folks can make a donation to KlareÂ’s housing fund as well.

A number of us have come together to make sure Klare and her family have a decent roof over their heads. Klare has sacrificed so much for us. It’s now our turn to repay her! WeÂ’ve set up a fund on