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MNA/NNU Receives Award for Publication Excellence in category of “Public Service Campaigns, Programs & Plans”

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The MNA/NNU’s Division of Public Communication was recently awarded a 2014 APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the category of public service campaigns, programs and plans for its submission entitled “Standing at the Intersection of Main St. & Sherwood.”
The submission, which ran in the MNA/NNU’s January 2013 newsletter, was written and designed to educate members about the organization’s dual-pronged campaign to save Main Street America via a progressive Robin Hood tax. Specifically, the “Main Street Contract” is a campaign dedicated to restoring the middle class by:

• Providing jobs at living wages
• Providing all retirees with a secure, dignified future
• Making quality, public education accessible to all
• Offering sustainable, quality housing and nutrition programs
• Guaranteeing healthcare via a single-payer system
• Protecting the environment and developing green jobs

The U.S. Robin Hood Tax (HR 6411; filed in Sept. 2012) is directly connected to the
Main Street Campaign in that, if passed, it will produce the revenue needed to help reach the goals outlined above. It includes a 0.5% tax on the trading of stocks, and 50 cents on every $100 of trades (as well as lesser rates on trading in bonds, derivatives and currencies). It is estimated that the Robin Hood Tax will raise up to $350 billion in revenue annually.

The awards, which are given out annually, are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry in achieving overall communications effectiveness. The awarding organization, Communications Concepts, specializes in helping communicators write, edit and manage more effective business publications.