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AG Heading Back to Court Right Now Seeking Revision of Temporary Restraining Order That Will Allow the CLOSURE of the ED at North Adams

We have just learned that staff from the Attorney General’s office are heading back into Superior Court this afternoon to seek a revision to the temporary restraining order issued yesterday that would have kept the emergency department open at North Adams Regional Hospital, following the callous and illegal attempt to close the facility altogether by the Northern Berkshire Board of Trustees. The new order, which is being requested by the attorneys of Northern Berkshire Health and Berkshire Medical Center, would call for immediate closure of the emergency department, in effect closing the entire hospital from providing care to the community. 

This is despite the fact that staff are at the hospital ready and willing to provide all services necessary to keep the ED open until a long term solution is found to restore the facility as a full service hospital. 

This is a travesty for the community and workforce of Northern Berkshire County.  In response efforts are being made to step up the occupation of the hospital, and for increased calls for intervention by the Governor and others to address this public health crisis.