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Haiti Health Alliance trip planned

Haiti Health Alliance nurses Sheila Greally and Tony Neal, both RNs at BMC, along with several other MNA nurse volunteers, plan to fly to San Raphael Haiti on October 22, 2013, with medications and supplies purchased from an upcoming Yard Sale.  They thank everyone for the donations of household items that they picked up from MNA today, Donations are welcome through Oct 16. (Blue Bin on foyer, 2nd fl, MNA).

Haiti Health Alliance (formerly Helping Hands) is a group formed by MNA nurses Ketline Edouard, Judith Laguerre and others in response to the devastation of Haiti by the January 2010 earthquake. They provide support to a clinic in San Raphael, a rural area north of Port au Prince. The group welcomes financial support as well and is in the process of becoming a 501 C3 non profit. For more info contact ketline at or 617.827.7720.