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Save the Date: DPH Public Hearing on Proposed Closure of Morton Hospital’s Pedi Unit Rescheduled to May 21

When: Tuesday, May 21 at 2 p.m.

Where: Taunton Public Library, 12 Pleasant St., Taunton MA

The Steward Morton Hospital Level II Pediatric Unit provides first rate care right here in our community to hundreds of children each year who are suffering from a variety of acute medical conditions, undergoing tests or undergoing and recovering from surgical procedures. 

This unit is staffed by a team of expert caregivers including, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses who together have more than 200 years of experience in pediatric nursing,

The closing of this unit will result in sick children experiencing delayed access to care, children being boarded in our emergency department, and children being sent to Boston or Providence for care they could and should receive here in this community.

This decision is being made by for profit Steward Health Care, which is a subsidiary of Cerberus Capitol Management, the multi-billion dollar Wall Street investment firm that owns our hospital. They are breaking promises they made to our community when they purchased our hospital to not close any services. Some decisions are too important to be made with profit in mind and the care of our children is one of them.

If you are concerned about maintaining high quality accessible pediatric services in our community, we encourage you to attend the Department of Public Health public hearing on May 21 and to sign the petition being circulated in our community. You should also call or email the following officials who have a say in this decision:

  • DPH Assistant Director of Regulatory Affairs, Sherman Lohnes:
  • Joshua Putter, President Steward Hospitals 617-419-4700

Tell them you oppose the closing of this unit and that Steward has to maintain this essential service for the children of Greater Taunton.