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BFMC Nurses Will Host Community Forum On March 6 – SAVE THE DATE!

Join the nurses of Baystate Franklin Medical Center (BFMC) and community members of Franklin County to learn about how Baystate’s business model and practices are affecting your health care at Baystate Franklin Medical Center.

SAVE THE DATE! Pass the word!

Invite your friends and neighbors to be a part of the conversation!

Community forum on BFMC
Wednesday, March 6
Greenfield high school 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.


In advance of the March 6 Community Forum on Baystate Franklin Medical Center, we are meeting with a variety of groups in Franklin County to begin the conversation about our community hospital. To find out more about setting up a meeting with nurses, please see the contact information below.

Now more than ever, we see that our role as nurses and health care advocates extends beyond the walls of our hospital and into our community.

In the beginning, Franklin Medical Center’s affiliation with Baystate was a win for Franklin County, and we benefited from being part of a larger health system with a teaching hospital at its core. In those days Baystate had a respect for nurses and the vital role we play, and the level of services at BFMC remained intact.

More recently however, Baystate has embraced business practices and staffing practices that raise a number of concerns. As nurses, we have seen many services pulled by Baystate from Franklin County and directed to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. The erosion of best nursing practices and services from BFMC to Springfield are matters of concern for our entire community.
Let’s have a conversation about our community hospital. Our common understanding of the challenges we face will enable us to stand together for what our community needs.

To set up a meeting please contact Diane Scherrer RN: 781-363-3817 or