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Highlights of Board of Directors Meeting: November 2012

This was the first meeting of the new Board of Directors seated after Convention. This meeting was a scheduled retreat. 

  • Donna Kelly-Williams, President, reviewed the motions passed at Convention. The focus of the retreat was on the following motion that was passed:

“We the members direct our BOD to move a ballot initiative on safe patient limits for nurses immediately and utilize all resources at our disposal to successfully place the question on the ballot and pass it so that our patients receive the care they deserve.”

  • David Schildmeier, Director of Public Communications, and Maryanne McHugh, Director of Legislation, reported on the MNA safe staffing campaign to date.
  • Dana Simon, Director of Strategic Campaigns, reported on what happened in California – what were the similarities and differences.
  • Roland Goff, Director of Strategic Campaigns, and Maryanne McHugh reviewed the ballot initiative process for BOD members. Mike Fadel, Director of Strategic Campaigns, and Eileen Norton, Director of Organizing, reported on what organizing a ballot campaign in Massachusetts would look like.
  • BOD members went into small breakout groups and discussed how to move this initiative effectively and reported back to the full BOD to discuss the next steps.
  • Under new business, the BOD voted in favor of sending a $10,000 donation out of the strike fund to NYSNA’s disaster relief fund for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
  • Eileen Norton updated the BOD on the donations collected for the victims. The first load was sent down to New York with the steelworkers on Monday. Donations are still coming in so we will coordinate another delivery.