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Elizabeth Warren

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
September/October 2012 Edition

Fights for Nurses

Elizabeth Warren understands the issues affecting nurses at the bedside and will fight for better working conditions for RN’s and safer care for patients.

Elizabeth Warren:

  • Supports a limit on how many patients a nurse must care for at one time
  • Will protect scope of practice for nurses
  • Will support safe patient handling legislation to reduce the number of workplace injuries suffered by nurses
  • Opposes mandatory overtime, except in the case of an emergency
  • Will support MNA bargaining units in their fights for fair contracts

Fights for the Middle Class

The MNA was the first organization to endorse Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for U.S. Senate because she has dedicated her life to reining in corporate power and rebuilding America’s struggling Middle Class. Elizabeth Warren’s goals are the same as the goals of the MNA/NNU’s Main Street Contract for America, which is dedicated to strengthening the middle class by:

  • Providing jobs at living wages for everyone
  • Creating a secure retirement system that allows everyone to live out their lives with dignity
  • Establishing a just taxation system where corporations and the extremely wealthy pay their fair share

Will Fight for Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren has spent years fighting for working class families and highlighting the need for financial reform and meaningful consumer protection. If elected to the US Senate, she will continue that work while also being an ally for nurses and their patients.

On Tuesday November 6, VOTE for Elizabeth Warren for US Senate!