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Regionally Speaking Newsletter of MNA Region 5 : Summer 2012


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Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend. ~ Albert Camus

Nurses have so many common interests at hand when it comes to our practice. We have safety, education, respect for the patients we touch and so many more similarities among us. When I’m out with family and friends, more than once I have been able to pick nurses out of the crowd because there is a shared look of unspoken words that only nurses understand and which enables certain reactions to events that only nurses can identify with. That is because we work with people in their most difficult times, during the processes of healing, dying or birthing. We relate to people and their daily emotions.

During your work hours take a look around. Look at your colleagues (even the ones who may not  share the same point of view as you do) and take a moment to observe them. You may see that you have common actions, common interest and in the end you  may reach the same objective. Remember a simple principal of respect: do to others as you would  like them to do to you.

For the past couple of years MNA Region 5/Greater Boston has worked to round up more members to participate in many local events and community-related interests. It has continued to make connections to other labor organizations in our area. Region 5 has accomplished this by adding a number of new-member interests that can be directly related to our practice. During this process we created a bond with one another. We nurses have many common interests. Some of us can be more involved than others, but at the end of the day we all take care of patients and we all would like to see patients get better and have them move on with their families and loved ones.

Nurses share very intimate moments with patients and these moments are very unique to our profession. We are the most trusted professionals. We nurses count on one another to provide and meet our clients’ needs.  The health industry does not seem to understand that humans are unique as it attempts to standardize care and reduce staffing. We nurses know that each of every one of our patients is unique with different needs.  

The goal of MNA Region 5/Greater Boston is to educate, support and create a path for members to participate and utilize the resources MNA/NNU has available to us.

This summer take time to reflect on what it is  that interests you as a nurse and reach out to the organization to which you belong. There are so many venues that have not yet been explored waiting for you. MNA Region 5/Greater Boston is here for you and we would like to see more of you.

Each bargaining unit is very unique with its own culture that has been created by its history and experiences. The world is getting smaller and communication is improving, so we can see and experience many similarities in many of our bargaining units. The culture of individualization is changing. More bargaining units are working under one corporation. Mergers are happening to many Region 5 hospitals. Just as we reach out in the 12 hours we spend working together, unifying and reaching out to each other is vital. We can, and we will, prevail in the environment in which we live. There will always be a patient. There will always be the business part of our jobs. And there will always be a nurse with the same professional essence working side by side with each one of us.

files/file/Region 5 Newsletter Summer 2012.pdf