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Call to Action!! We Need Every MNA Member to Call Their State Senator Today and Support Senator Pacheco’s Amendment To Save Taunton State Hospital and Protect Mental Health Services

We have a crisis in Massachusetts!

Mental Health Services are inadequate and those seeking treatment are often unable to access these services. Our emergency departments are overcrowded with psychiatric patients who cannot access needed inpatient and community services. Our inpatient psychiatric units and/or beds are being eliminated. Now the Patrick Administration is seeking to close Taunton State Hospital, which will only make matters worse for this vulnerable population.

We need your help to protect mental health services!

In the coming days, the Senate will be debating the state budget. It is critical that we protect patients’ access to mental health services in our state and prevent the closure of Taunton State Hospital or any further cuts to other services.

Next Step:

Please call your State Senator at 617.722.1455 RIGHT NOW and ask him/her to support Senator Pacheco’s amendment #557 Stop and Study language for mental health services in the budget.

To find out who your senator is go to