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News from our Bargaining Units

  • Anna Jaques Hospital (Newburyport): Ratified a 1-year contract with 1% raise across-the-board, an additional 1% at the top step, 0.5% bonus on anniversary date, better RIF language with bumping rights spelled out, and pay for nurses who are mandated to stay home with a communicable disease such as norovirus without having to use accrued sick time.
  • Lawrence General Hospital: Negotiations at standstill. Management refuses to allow observers, i.e., other nurses. 
  • Merrimack Valley Hospital (Haverhill): Nurses filed petition with signatures of 89 nurses objecting to hostile work environment, harassment, and unsafe staffing. 
  • Methuen School Nurses: Ratified a one year contract in which school nurse pay parity with teachers was restored. Other provisions: $500/year to all nurses with NCSN certification; increased longevity bonus; increased cap on sick time and sick pay buyback. No cost of living raise.
  • North Shore Medical Center/Salem Hospital: Contract will expire in July; Started negotiations. Nurses submitted 22 proposals.  Management proposals are all takeaways and freeze on money for 2 years.
  • Wilmington School Nurses: In contract negotiations. Seeking parity in pay with school teachers in Wilmington. Now going to mediation over the issue of providing nurses parity would cost the school department less than $15,000 total.