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From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
December 2011 Edition

Large banks and Wall Street firms wrecked our economy. They wiped out pensions and portfolios. Because of their greed, they threw us into a recession, cost us millions of jobs, and squandered American productivity. Yet nobody has paid the price for this wrongdoing. No one has gone to jail. In fact, they remain some of the most profitable businesses in America, doling out hundreds of millions of dollars in executive bonuses. And they pay some of the lowest tax rates in the country. It’s time for Main Street to say to Wall Street: “We want our money back!”

Join with the National Nurses United as we call on Wall Street to pay for the damage it has caused on Main Street. Main Street is taxed enough; let’s establish a Wall Street Transaction Tax — it could raise $350 billion to rebuild our country.

Here’s the way to reclaim the American Dream — Join with NNU to promote the Main Street Contract for the American People:

  • Jobs at living wages for everyone.
  • Guaranteed health care for all.
  • A secure retirement, with the ability to retire in dignity.
  • Equal access to quality, public education.
  • Good housing and protection from hunger.
  • A safe and healthy environment.
  • A just taxation system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.
YES! I want to take the pledge to fight for a
Main Street Contract for the American People.
Visit to learn more and to join the fight.