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Who wins in health care rewards program?

Who wins in health care rewards program?

CAN’T decide whether I am puzzled or outraged over the program that Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is planning to roll out ( “Rewards for patients to switch care,’’ Page A1, Dec. 20). Whereas curbing health care costs is a vital goal, and no one should be sent for unnecessary tests, the idea that some patients will be urged to earn money by going to less expensive venues is totally backward. Shouldn’t health care providers be sending everyone to the most cost-effective and efficient facilities, rather than creating classes of those who can pay and those who cannot? If the less expensive facilities can perform the same tasks for less, everyone should be sent there; if the tests or treatments are inadequate or inferior, no one should be sent there.

How many tiers of patients are we going to have? Do we sell organs next?

Inge Thorn Engler