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Keep seniors covered

MNA joins seniors in protest against MHA efforts to sell out the elderly

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
October/November 2011 Edition

Senior activists who were protesting possible changes in Medicare eligibility sported fake derrieres and real hospital gowns to make their point: “Keep seniors covered.”

Members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association/National Nurses United (MNA/NNU) joined dozens of outraged seniors for a demonstration outside the offices of the Massachusetts Hospital Association to protest the industry’s recently announced campaign to push Congress to raise the age for Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67.

The event featured dozens of seniors in hospital gowns, opened in the back to reveal oversized plastic backsides, with signs that read “Keep Seniors Covered.”

The hospital industry is seeking the change to boost their profits by shifting the health care cost burden onto the elderly in Massachusetts, who are already struggling to maintain their health and well being under the current system. The Massachusetts Senior Action Council called for the demonstration after being flooded with calls and emails from angry elders and their family members who are outraged by efforts to decrease access to health care for the state’s most vulnerable residents.

“We are here to express our outrage and disgust, demanding the reversal of MHA’s position,” said Ann Stewart, MSAC president. “We call upon Senators Kerry and Brown to stand with us against these attacks and protect future Medicare beneficiaries.”

Following the demonstration, the protesters visited the offices of the two U.S. senators from Massachusetts to deliver a letter seeking their support for the protection of Medicare and Medicaid.