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Boston Globe: Pre-Depression wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt

Pre-Depression wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt

DECEMBER 06, 2011

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT would likely have sympathized with the unrelenting Occupy groups around the world as they express their intolerance for gross economic inequality and rampant greed.

In 1927 she said, “The big question before our people today is whether we are to be more material in our thinking, judging administrative success by its economic results entirely and leaving out all other achievements.

“History shows that a nation interested primarily in material things invariably is on a downward path. Great wealth has ruined every nation since the day that Cheops laid the cornerstone of the Great Pyramid, not because of any inherent wrong in wealth, but because it became the ideal and the idol of the people. Phoenicia, Carthage, Greece, Rome, Spain, all bear witness to this truth.’’

That seems to say it all.

Leo Parnes