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Outraged Seniors to Hold Demonstration Outside MHA Boston Offices Today (1 p.m.)

To Protest Lobbying for Extending Eligibility for Medicare

The Hospital Industry Wants to Shift the Cost of Care onto the Elderly by Convincing Congress to Raise Medicare Eligibility from Age 65 – 67

Members of the Massachusetts Senior Action Council (MSAC), along with other health care and consumer advocates, will hold a demonstration today at 1 p.m. outside the Boston offices of the Massachusetts Hospital Association to protest the industry’s recently announced campaign to push Congress to raise the age for Medicare eligibility from age 65 to 67.  This proposal would do nothing to reduce healthcare costs but instead shifts the  cost burden onto the elderly in Massachusetts, who are already struggling to maintain their health and well being under the current system.  The MSAC has called for the demonstration after being flooded with calls and emails from angry elders and their family members who are outraged by efforts to decrease access to health care for the state’s most vulnerable residents.

Last week, a similar demonstration was postponed after MHA asked to meet with MSAC and other advocates, where it was hoped MHA would publicly reverse its appalling position.  “Unfortunately, after meeting with the Massachusetts Hospital Association they continue to refuse to support seniors by calling for no cuts to Medicare, including attempts to raise the eligibility age,” said Ann Stewart, MSAC president.  “I look forward to today’s protest when I will be joined by dozens of other seniors and concerned citizens to express our outrage and disgust, demanding the reversal of their position. We call upon Senator Kerry and Brown to stand with us against these attacks and protect future Medicare beneficiaries.”

The MSAC is launching its own stepped up effort to lobby Senator Kerry and other members of Congress to stand with Massachusetts elders to oppose any efforts to shift costs onto struggling seniors. 

When:      Oct. 18, 2011 at 1 p.m.

Where:   101 Arch Street, Boston, the demonstration will be held on the sidewalk outside the building housing the lobbying offices for the Massachusetts Hospital Association

Who:     Dozens of seniors will be on hand, as well as representatives from other activists organizations, including the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Massachusetts Home Care Association, Latino Elders for a Secure Retirement, and the Massachusetts Nurses Association

Contact:   Carolyn Villers, Mass. Senior Action Council Executive Director at 617.435.1926.