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MNA Launches Statewide Radio Campaign for Safe Staffing This Week

The MNA has launched a statewide radio advertising campaign this week for the two weeks leading into our hearing on the Safe Staffing bill scheduled for Sept. 20th.  The ads feature two MNA members:  Lisa Sawtelle from Boston Medical Center and Marlena Pellegrino from St. Vincent Hospital – talking about their experience as nurses and why safe staffing is so important, not only to the care of patients, but also in reducing health care costs.  The ads will run at various times on the following stations over the next two weeks.  Lisa’s ad will be running this week, while Marlena’s will run next week. 

Boston Stations

WBZ 1030AM    
WMJX 106.7 FM
WODS 103.3 FM
WEEI 850 AM    
WTKK 96.9 FM  
WRKO680 AM  

Cape Cod Stations

WXTK 95.1 FM
WQRC 99.9 FM
WEII 96.3 FM  

Worcester Stations

WSRS 96.1 FM
WTAG 580 AM and 94.9 FM

Springfield Stations

WMAS 94.7 FM
WVEI 105.5 FM
WHMP 1400 AM, 1260 AM, 96.9 FM

Pittsfield Stations

WBRK 1340 AM
WBRK “Star” 101.7 FM