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Media Coverage of MNA Supporters on Verizon Picket Line in Danvers

Mass. Nurses Association Joins Picketers, Supporting Verizon Strike [VIDEO]

Verizon picketers were joined by the Massachusetts Nurses Association at the Verizon Store at 49 Maple St.


The Massachusetts Nurses Association joined picketers throughout the state today, Aug. 10, including the Danvers Verizon location, in support of the strike that began at midnight on Saturday. 

Lainey Titus, of the Mass. Nurses Association, said the Verizon contract negotiations are something nurses face as well. "This is something nurses face with hospitals making large profits and them wanting to cut pensions after working hard for years," she said. "[Verizon workers’] fight is our fight, and that’s why we’re here today to support them."  

According to Philip Brown, picket captain at the Verizon location in Danvers, when their contract ended on Saturday the new contract had more than 100 changes, many of which displeased workers.

Healthcare benefits, paid holidays including Martin Luther King Day and Veterans Day, were all discussed in the contract negotiations. "It’s not about the money," Brown said. "It’s about what we already do."

Since the strike began on Saturday, Brown said local businesses have been supportive, sending food and ice cream to the picketers site, which is directly in front of the Verizon Store located at 49 Maple St. 

"Unfortunately, the work is going to other states because they’re trying to cut back," he said. "Everybody here has been working for the company for 10 years or more, but we have people who have only been working for a couple of weeks who have began picketing as well."

According to Brown, picketers received news this morning that Verizon will be returning to the negotiation table. "We’re hoping they’re going to be talking serious talk now, and hopefully bring a quick end to the strike," he said. If they’re not talking seriously we’re not going anywhere until they do." 

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