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NNU Staff Nurse Assembly: This is democracy!

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
June/July 2011 Edition

From June 6-8 in Washington, D.C., 140 MNA nurses from across Massachusetts traveled to the nation’s capitol to join hundreds of RNs from all over the country. Their mission: to advocate for their patients and their practice at this year’s NNU Staff Nurse Assembly. The 800-plus nurse attendees participated in panels that helped them share their victories from the past year as well as the challenges they face in their ongoing fight to improve working conditions for bedside nurses and ensure high quality patient care.

After sharing their stories, the RNs went right back to advocating for patients, as well as for Americans everywhere, via the NNU’s budding “Main Street Contract for America” campaign (details to come in the next edition of the Massachusetts Nurse) by descending on the Chamber of Commerce and promoting related legislative initiatives.

They then rallied at the Capitol for safe RN staffing and went on to speak directly to their members of Congress about these important issues. Massachusetts RNs had productive meetings with staff of many members of the delegation, and met with Congressman Jim McGovern personally.

RNs found the experience rewarding and empowering, and many have already pledged to return for the 2012 Staff Nurse Assembly.

Congressman Jim McGovern (D-Worcester) met with MNA members who traveled to Washington for the NNU Assembly.