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Boston Globe: School nurses make big difference in lives of kids

School nurses make big difference in lives of kids

PARENTS OF Cambridge public school children know that they are fortunate to have superb school nurses who make a difference in the lives of their kids every day.

As mentioned in “Mothers make case for nurses in schools’’ (Metro, June 8), the need for experienced school nurses has never been greater given the rising number of children with complex medical needs and chronic conditions entering the Massachusetts school system.

In Cambridge, school nurses care for more than 1,200 school children with an acute or chronic medical condition, as well as 4,800 other children. These nurses are responsible for a range of tasks, including monitoring medications, assisting with medical technology, and responding to injuries and emergencies.

Public funding for school health services is money well spent.

Barbara Meade

Dr. Lisa Dobberteen


The writers are clinical manager and medical director, respectively, for school health services for the Cambridge Public Health Department. Meade is a registered nurse.

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