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Public Leaflet in English and Chinese for Members to Share at Community Events

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Support Your Nurses at Quincy Medical Center
Help Us Ensure You Receive the Care You Deserve

Voices from the Floors of Quincy Medical Center

The registered nurses of Quincy Medical Center are taking this opportunity to ask for your help to ensure that you receive the care you or your loved ones deserve as patients in our hospital. Right now, the hospital is failing to adhere to agreed upon staffing guidelines which is hampering our ability to be at our patients’ bedside when they need us most. This flyer provides the perspective of frontline nurses on this vital public health issue.

“We care for patients recovering from surgery and other complex medical conditions. Our patients are very sick, and when they push the call button, we want and need to be there, but all too often we can’t be there because this hospital is not providing the appropriate nursing and support staff.”
Nurses from A3, an adult medical-surgical floor

“Our floor cares for patients who require constant monitoring and professional nursing assessment for serious cardiac conditions. Under current conditions, every day is a struggle to provide the level of care and attention these patients require. It is time for hospital management to be held accountable for providing safe staffing.”
Nurses from A6, a medical-surgical telemetry floor

“Our nurses care for patients under sedation who are undergoing all types of invasive medical procedures. This is a fast paced environment where close monitoring is essential to your safe recovery. Management needs to make patient safety its first priority.”
Nurses from the Ambulatory Unit

“We care for patients immediately following surgery where the expert eyes of nurses are essential to ensure that you come out of anesthesia safely and without complications. There is no justification for the hospital’s failure to meet its own standard of care.”
Nurses from the Post Anesthesia Care Unit

“In the Emergency Department, every minute can mean the difference between life and death. Under current conditions, our nurses are often overwhelmed from the stress of trying to provide life-saving care in an understaffed environment. We cannot allow this to continue.”
Nurses from the Emergency Department

All the nurses of Quincy Medical Center are committed to providing the best care to our patients every day, on every shift. Unfortunately, our administration is refusing to be held accountable for providing the resources and staffing levels we need to deliver the care you need. Since the hospital will not listen to its nurses, we are now turning to you, our patients and our community to help us help you.

Contact the QMC CEO John Kastanis at 617.773.6100
Tell him to Honor the Staffing Guidelines
Promised to the Nurses and the Public
Tell him to Make Patient Safety the Bottom Line