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Negotiations weren’t about nurses’ pay

This is in response to a recent letter from Millbury about the nurses (Telegram & Gazette, May 5). I would like to respond with the following.

It’s impossible to debate with the letter writer over his care during a recent visit to St. Vincent Hospital, because it was his experience, and we all have had bad ones at some point in our lives. What can be debated is his attitude.

He mentioned a need for perspective for the nurses, and went on to explain how he worked as a teacher for 30 years, and even with a master’s degree, he just made $50,000. And nurses make $100,000. If I was advising the letter writer during his life and knew how unhappy he was with his choices, I would have told him to either get a part-time job in addition to his day job, or pick a new career.

My wife is a nurse and a very good one. I’m so thankful she went to school to be a nurse, and enjoy the income and flexibility her career gives our family.

I’m also incredibly thankful for the teachers in my children’s lives who make an incredible impact daily. I also hope those teachers take any steps needed to be happy with the income they make.

The nurses’ income had nothing to do with the recent negotiations. Like teachers in some schools who are concerned about teacher/student ratios, the nurses are trying to improve their ratios.